Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Mengubah notasi infix menjadi postfix

algonya dapet dari internet :)

1) Examine the next element in the input.
2) If it is an operand, output it.
3) If it is opening parenthesis, push it on stack.
4) If it is an operator, then
i) If stack is empty, push operator on stack.
ii) If the top of the stack is opening parenthesis, push operator on stack.
iii) If it has higher priority than the top of stack, push operator on stack.
iv) Else pop the operator from the stack and output it, repeat step 4.
5) If it is a closing parenthesis, pop operators from the stack and
output them until an opening parenthesis is encountered. pop and discard the opening parenthesis.
6) If there is more input go to step 1
7) If there is no more input, unstack the remaining operators to output.

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